Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wow, so there IS a name for the fluctuating on again/off again fasting I do?? Did not know that! I've been reading about it for the last hour (instead of going to sleep, as I had planned lol) - it's called Intermittent Fasting! This kinda reminds me of the time, a couple years back, when I discovered that my odd hot/cold showers actually had a name - Contrast showers. lol

More on this later. Hoping to get some sleep soon.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weight Loss - Progress: - 55.9 pounds, since late June =)

Yay, mobile posting works! Downloaded the app on my phone, so I will probably be using this blog a *lot* more often! lol

So, a bit has changed since my last blog. For one thing, I have lost over 50 pounds!! =)
I still have more than 100 pounds to lose to get to my goal, but i'm happy!


I have went down a couple clothing sizes. I wear those stretchy JMS denim-like pants, they look like jeans, but not really, ya know? lol So anyway, I was wearing a size 4X in late June (when I was at my highest weight, EVER!) - and now i'm wearing a size 2X, and they are fitting a little loser already.
My goal is a size 12/14.

The pic on the left was taken in June, 
not long before a group of us left for the beach.
This picture had a HUGE effect on me.
I started losing weight late June, while at the beach.
The pic on the right was taken in early September.

Taken in October

Late October.. Yeah, flabby arm, I know. lol
But I am happy with the progress!

Can't wait to get to goal!
120 pounds to go.
But, I only have about 5 more pounds to go,
to get to my next "mini goal". :)
Setting mini goals makes it easier to stay motivated.

If anyone else is reading this blog, and trying to lose weight..
I am inviting you to join my weight loss group, on Facebook!
We share tips, support one another and keep each other motivated. :)

I will post more here soon..I've had sleep issues lately.
It's 9:AM - and I wasn't able to get to sleep at ALL last night.
So.. Not sure whether to try to stay up until tonight,
and get to bed early....or try to fall asleep now.
Insomnia sucks.

Test post

Testing this blogger app on my phone... =p

Adding a current pic, too, hoping it works...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2!

Day 2 - 2011 Weight Loss

Over the New Years weekend, I was horrified by some photos that were taken of me. I mean, they were bad. Very bad. But, instead of staying stressed over it, i'm going to use it as a learning experience and as serious motivation to lose this weight!!

I will post the one that turned out least horrible - and it's a bad pic of me, but believe me, the rest are worse. One in particular!! This one photo is truly the worst photo I have EVER seen of anybody. Ever. I look like a giant beach ball in glitter! =*( (Made the mistake of wearing a pretty glittery top for New Years........and I am now going through my closet and putting away all similar items until I lose a good 50 pounds or more!! OMG. Anyway, in this pic, I have multiple "double chins", my face has NO definition whatsoever. I look bloated and swollen. I mean, I have seen my share of bad pics taken of me, but I look so much more huge and disgusting in these photos. My face looked red and so puffy. Even more so than it has gotten when I was off my thyroid meds. My face (it's a common symptom) gets puffy if I don't take my medicine. But, my face was even more puffy and swollen-looking this weekend and i've been ON my meds!

So anyway, time to lose the weight. I have to start really slow, with my exercising, because I am so out of shape. And so out of energy. It's frustrating. But, I am scheduling small amounts of exercise each day, and will increase a bit each week! I hope that some of my friends will be interested in going to a gym, going swimming, or going for walks once in a while - after I do some "at home" exercising for a week or two.

I will be using this as my weight loss blog. I will track progress, blog about whatever is on my mind, store links to exercise information, nutrional info, etc.. This is a personal thing.. But, if you have came across this blog and find it of interest (maybe you are also dealing with difficulty losing weight, etc) - you are welcome to follow the blog. We could support each other, motivate each other.

Ok.. So, below is the ONLY photo I am sharing from New Years weekend. Yes, it *is* bad. Yes, it shows how fat I am!! lol But, if you seen the others, you'd think it's an "ok" pic. lol However, the VERY worst photo? It will serve as a motivation tool for me. I will eventually post that photo - once I have lose enough weight to use it as a "before" shot, with my "Before & After" pics. Not until then! lol

The least bad "BAD" photo from New Years 2011 weekend! lol *sigh*

Tabitha, me and Dena

My GOAL size!
Me in the red, Amanda, and Christy
I was a size 12/14 in this photo,
and around 160-165 pounds.
I can't wait to get back down to this size again! :)

I was a size 16 in this one.
I'm the one standing to the left..
Me, Abby, Amanda.
I was happy with this size, too. :)

This picture was taken recently.
About a month or so ago.
You can see some definition in my face - cheeks, etc
Very different from the New Years pics.

Taken September 2010

September 2010

July 2010

April 2010

Feb 2009 - at my HIGHEST weight.
Higher than my current weight be about 15 pounds.

Same as above - Feb 2009 - Highest weight ever.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First post, more soon! =)

Hey, welcome to my weight loss blog!
I know, I know.. No posts yet!
It will be updated shortly, please check back! =)