Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2!

Day 2 - 2011 Weight Loss

Over the New Years weekend, I was horrified by some photos that were taken of me. I mean, they were bad. Very bad. But, instead of staying stressed over it, i'm going to use it as a learning experience and as serious motivation to lose this weight!!

I will post the one that turned out least horrible - and it's a bad pic of me, but believe me, the rest are worse. One in particular!! This one photo is truly the worst photo I have EVER seen of anybody. Ever. I look like a giant beach ball in glitter! =*( (Made the mistake of wearing a pretty glittery top for New Years........and I am now going through my closet and putting away all similar items until I lose a good 50 pounds or more!! OMG. Anyway, in this pic, I have multiple "double chins", my face has NO definition whatsoever. I look bloated and swollen. I mean, I have seen my share of bad pics taken of me, but I look so much more huge and disgusting in these photos. My face looked red and so puffy. Even more so than it has gotten when I was off my thyroid meds. My face (it's a common symptom) gets puffy if I don't take my medicine. But, my face was even more puffy and swollen-looking this weekend and i've been ON my meds!

So anyway, time to lose the weight. I have to start really slow, with my exercising, because I am so out of shape. And so out of energy. It's frustrating. But, I am scheduling small amounts of exercise each day, and will increase a bit each week! I hope that some of my friends will be interested in going to a gym, going swimming, or going for walks once in a while - after I do some "at home" exercising for a week or two.

I will be using this as my weight loss blog. I will track progress, blog about whatever is on my mind, store links to exercise information, nutrional info, etc.. This is a personal thing.. But, if you have came across this blog and find it of interest (maybe you are also dealing with difficulty losing weight, etc) - you are welcome to follow the blog. We could support each other, motivate each other.

Ok.. So, below is the ONLY photo I am sharing from New Years weekend. Yes, it *is* bad. Yes, it shows how fat I am!! lol But, if you seen the others, you'd think it's an "ok" pic. lol However, the VERY worst photo? It will serve as a motivation tool for me. I will eventually post that photo - once I have lose enough weight to use it as a "before" shot, with my "Before & After" pics. Not until then! lol

The least bad "BAD" photo from New Years 2011 weekend! lol *sigh*

Tabitha, me and Dena

My GOAL size!
Me in the red, Amanda, and Christy
I was a size 12/14 in this photo,
and around 160-165 pounds.
I can't wait to get back down to this size again! :)

I was a size 16 in this one.
I'm the one standing to the left..
Me, Abby, Amanda.
I was happy with this size, too. :)

This picture was taken recently.
About a month or so ago.
You can see some definition in my face - cheeks, etc
Very different from the New Years pics.

Taken September 2010

September 2010

July 2010

April 2010

Feb 2009 - at my HIGHEST weight.
Higher than my current weight be about 15 pounds.

Same as above - Feb 2009 - Highest weight ever.

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